Welcome to National Exotics – Animal Rescue Services on behalf of BWUK C.I.C


On the 9th August 2019, BeastWatch UK became a Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) operating as the country’s only national search & rescue service for escaped or abandoned exotic animals.

From 2022 we will be providing all animal rescue services under the working identity of NATIONAL EXOTICS – ANIMAL RESCUE SERVICES.

We are run entirely by volunteers on a non-profit making basis. We have no central funding & are reliant upon donations.

As well as supporting & advising the owners of lost pets we will provide actual assistance in the search for & rescue of the animal. We will also respond to reports of exotic animals sighted whether or not they match up with any missing animal reports. In addition to this we will respond to wildlife emergencies using our volunteers’ skills & experience to ensure that injured animals are transported to the most appropriate venue for veterinary treatment or rehabilitation.

We will monitor & investigate reports of ‘out of place’ unrecorded non native species which appear to be living wild in the UK. It is our aim to assist an animal in need wherever this is possible & to ensure that no healthy animal is ever euthanised.

To help us in this work we have formed working relationships with a network of animal rescue groups, wildlife & exotic animal sanctuaries, zoos, statutory organisations & the emergency services throughout the United Kingdom. It is only through the dedication & commitment of our volunteers & the generosity of our supporters that we are able to continue this work & develop as an organisation.

We are reliant on the commitment & dedication of volunteers to ensure we make good our promise

‘If we can help any animal in need we will ‘

Thank You

Mike Potts CEO

National Exotics – Animal Rescue Services