Help save our Sanctuaries – Storms 2022

Alot of our sanctuaries, rescues, rehabbers are not government funded and they survive by the good support of People just like you, even £1 can help save these places and protect our Animals & Wildlife all over the United Kingdom, some people have premises so these have their own costs i.e Insurances, Utilities, Property Maintenance, Feed Bills, Veterinary Bills, or some people even provide the service from their own homes.

We are dedicating this section of our website to support any such place regardless of size even if it’s in your garden shed we are willing to support you…

Although we are happy to support other charitable non-profit organisations, we need support ourselves just as much so please if you can spare anything to help us out it would be much appreciated by everyone. please visit our paypal link to make a donation however small or big this is up to you

Stay tuned for more information,

If you know of any other organisations out there that may want to be included in this then please reach out to us and we can sort something out to help.