Emergency Storm Relief Appeal

Sanctuaries and rescue centres up and down the UK have had it incredibly hard over the last two years – no healthy bank balance surpluses, increases in energy & living costs, fewer visitor numbers and not to mention a big increase in the number of animals they’ve had to take it. This is not going to be news to most of you, especially those of you who run one!

The day to day business of National Exotics Animal Rescue Services is obviously emergency rescues but bigger picture, as a community we can raise funds for hard hit operations to support each other. No one wants to see for a multitude of reasons any sanctuary struggling beyond its capabilities..or worse, going under.

It’s not going to have escaped anyone’s notice that the last couple of days, the storms have been causing havoc. One of the volunteers with National Exotics Animal Rescue Services, Hayley Roberts who runs the The Secret Garden Sanctuary in Surrey has lost fences, shelters, poly tunnels and huts. We’re including some pictures of what has happened below. The Secret Garden Sanctuary has a large number of animals and they work with vulnerable adults and children. Before the storm hit they were trying to raise funds for a vet bill of over £1900. They’ve now got to raise the funds to replace all the extensive damage. They’ve not had power the last couple of days and in Hayley’s own words “Babies are literally being born as we speak in the wind and rain without the shelters they usually live in”.

No one reading that is going to be under any illusion that there’s nothing we as a community can do to help here! And thre are a multiple number of ways we can come together to do that. National Exotic Rescue Services have set up a fundraising page for The Secret Garden Sanctuary, you’ll find it here:


All monies raised will go to The Secret Garden Sanctuary.

If you’d like to set up a monthly donation, you’ll find The Secret Garden Animals Sanctuary bank details on their website – www.the secretgardensanctuary.co.uk.

If you’d rather give food & supplies then their Amazon wishlist can be found at:


If you’re local to Surrey and have the time to help Hayley out, please drop her a line at:


We completely understand that not everyone is going to be able to financially contribute but please, do take a moment to share this appeal to your own networks! The bigger the audience basically, the more help Hayley, the sanctuary and most importantly, the animals, will get.

Thank you

From All at National Exotics Animal Rescue Services…