Volunteer Application Form

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(Full address including postcode)
Responder acts to callouts regarding escapes and animal welfare. Response Support would include animal or people couriers / drone pilots. Ops Support would include fundraising / administration duties
(Dangerous Wild Animals)
(Animals Activities License)
We need to ask this question because at times we respond or assist with Water Rescues.
A disability or any condition permanent or temporary (ie pregnancy) that may affect your ability to perform certain tasks
Please refer to our volunteer disclaimer
In making this application I am agreeing to be a member of a Messenger Group chat for the response team relevant to my own county. I agree to be a member of the public Facebook Group (Non Facebook users by individual arrangements) I agree to reading and keeping upto date with changes within the organisation and to policies and procedures listed in the files section on the group. I agree to my personal details being shared to any Officer of National Exotics - BWUK CIC where relevant and necessary for the organisation. I agree to inform my Co-Ordinator of any Holidays, Sickness or unplanned events which may impact on my availability. I agree to inform in writing my intention to leave National Exotics - BWUK and ensure that my personal data is removed and from the database. It is fully acknowledged that all our volunteers have personal lives, jobs and family commitments however please save valuable response time in keeping the team informed of any limitations to your availability.