About BeastWatch UK

The Word Beast

When people hear the word "Beast," it tends to conjure up images of a very large and hairy creature with fangs and claws, lurking in the darkness of the shadows ready to pounce, it's also used to describe sex offenders. the word "BEAST" is grossly misunderstood, so What is a Beast? the definition of the word means: (Any animal other than man, a large wild quadruped) In other words - any large wild four legged animal, even Cow's are know as beasts.

The Site

This site has been constructed; to learn just what type of exotic animals are in fact out there in the UK and where. I'm fairly new to Zoology Cryptozoology and Web Design, although I hope to pick up on these as I go along, so please bear with me, (excuse the pun) any comments advice or constructive criticisms would be most welcomed. I'm hoping as reports come in they'll be placed into our now rather comprehensive database, and in the appropriate sections on our website, then you'll be able to see just how these exotics are distributing themselves. However I'm sure you'll appreciate, that for the safety of these and the general public, the precise locations of those residential creatures may be withheld. So please keep coming to see us, as we continually update the site.

Our Objectives

Our aim here will be to collate and gather as much information and evidence of exotic wildlife within the UK as possible, by collaborating with eyewitnesses, and other organizations and wildlife groups, as well as the press etc wherever we can. Another Objective of this site is to try and help you (the general public) become more "WILDLIFE AWARE" as with the ever increasing reports we receive, some of these may come with a certain RISK FACTORS This is not an attempt to scare monger, but simply let you know of certain dangers that MAY apply.

We're only a very small non-profit making organization but in order for us to work effectively, we need to expand ourselves throughout the British Isles, as there just aren't enough of us at present to cover such vast areas throughout the UK. Therefore we're continually looking for new members all up and down the country to join us, there is no joining fee at present, but the work is purely on a voluntary basis, so if you're interested in joining us, you can email us here or just click on Membership but please let us know of your intentions within the group.

If you wish to follow any of our work in the UK, then visit Expeditions & Investigations

The Exotic's

Why are they here? there are several reasons for this, some are escapees like the Coypu, Wallaby and Wild Boar, whilst others are introduced or reintroduced species like the Wolf and European Beaver. We humans have been introducing wild exotics for thousands of years worldwide, some have been successful whilst others have not, but in most cases not, as establishing a thriving and breeding population may have a negative ecological impact in the chosen areas in which they have been established.

The reasons for the introduction of these animals are numerous, i.e. as a source of food, for their Fur/Pelts, Conservation, Sport, Malice and even financial. But whatever the reason there will always be exotics of one kind or another out there and not just in the UK.

Some of the reasons for the failure of an introduced species can fall upon our climate, predators or just insufficient food supply, so the more adaptable and wary these creatures are or become the more likely a chance they have of survival.


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