Hi and welcome to our database, before we go any further, I would ask you to consider the time and effort put in by our team to make this application available at you fingertip, it’s taken many hours of work and sleepless nights getting it prepared, so with all this in mind we’re simply asking you to consider a reasonable donation to help us continue with our work, as petrol prices are continually on the raise, and our database web designer needs to be kept happy, so please give generously if you can, however on saying that, it’s not compulsory.

Please Note, this database was created by human hand, in other words it is open to errors, so if you find any discrepancies then please contact our admin at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we’ll try and rectify the mistake/mistakes we’ve made as soon as we can.

You should also note that due to the possibly of human errors, we cannot and will not take responsibility for any misinformation within our pages.

How To Use

This database has been designed to make it easy for you to use and get the most from your search.

You can search via Animal, County or whatever you choose, even the year and to make it easier to understand, it’s also been colour coded like “Green for Springtime” or “White for Winter”

Also the creatures themselves have been colour coded to their nearest or most striking colour to help you further. This idea was thought of to help you identify something you may have encountered yourself saw yourself but just need conformation of.

Ok, let’s get started;

1, Go to “LOCATION” and click the county you desire as shown in Fig 1,

Fig 1

You will then get a scroll down menu like this in Fig 2,

Fig 2

You’ll find all the counties are already ticked, so click “Select All” to untick those counties as in Fig 3

Fig 3

Then click the county of your choice, for this example I’ve chosen my own County “Leicestershire” as in Fig 4

Fig 4

This will then bring up your selected County, .... “Simple”

Fig 5

To help you look for a specific creature you think you may have encountered yourself, or to search for a friend, we’ve also given you the opportunity to select the type of terrain the creature may have been seen in, was it on Land? In the Air? Or maybe in or nearby the Water? Again click the desired terrain as shown below, and go through the same procedure as before.

Fig 6

Now let’s say you want to read a specific report you’ve come across in our database, for this example I’ve chosen a Capybara in Buckinghamshire,

Fig 7

Follow the link across and see it comes to Archive Number 984, if you’re a BeatWatch Files Member you should be able to click on the number 984 itself and it will take you directly to this report.

If not, then you will have to contact us and ask for the details of the report you need, quoting us the Archive’s Ref Number.

Fig 8

You will then receive your report as it’s posted in our archives, see Fig 8

Fig 9

Enjoy !


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